Tips for a longer life

No matter what your age, you have the power to change many of the variables that influence how long you live, and how active and vital you feel in your later years. Actions you can take to increase your odds of a longer and more satisfying life span are really quite simple: Don’t smoke. Enjoy […]

Benefits of Yoga Promoting Health

For 5,000 years, hardcore yoga practitioners have been touting yoga’s mental and physical powers. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits — adding just a few poses to your daily routine can help your health in all kinds of unexpected ways. “On a physical level, yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and […]

10 Best Workout Tips of All Time

Want to know the secrets to getting a fit-as-hell body in record time? We did too, so we went straight to research, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, and fitness instructors to round up the best workout tips to kick a fitness routine into high gear. Put a few of these moves, motivation, and mantras into action […]

Types of Pharmacy

There are many different types of pharmacy, and other places where a trained pharmacist may work. There are various other specializations in the field of pharmacy. Each of these is covered in more detail below. Community Pharmacy Also known as a retail pharmacy, the community pharmacy is the most well known type of pharmacy. It […]

Reasons why India is the pharmacy to the world

The year: 2001. Africa was facing a major health crisis. Sub-Saharan Africa alone had 22.5 million HIV-positive people. The disease was assuming epidemic proportions. The price of patented drugs supplied by western drug companies was a prohibitive $10,000 per patient per year – way out of reach of the average patient. Enter Cipla, an Indian […]

5 things to know about the role of your pharmacist

As people’s health care needs continue to change, pharmacists have become one of the most accessible health care professionals. But what exactly is their role? And what can you expect from your pharmacist? He gives you information about your prescriptions When your pharmacist receives your prescription, he immediately begins to analyze the situation by asking […]