11 Common health problems during pregnancy


11 Common health problems during pregnancy

We know that during pregnancy a women has to go through drastic hormonal fluctuation and this are really necessary for the entire development of the baby. But due to these changes that take place in the body of the mother has some tremendous good and some not so good effects for the mother. During pregnancy the body goes through some extra strain this can cause some discomforting symptoms in the body which are temporary.

Here we will discuss about 11 common health problems that occur in the mother’s body in pregnancy such as:


Backache is the very common problem which is seen in almost every pregnant lady. And this is cause by growing belly.

Symptoms – Pain in the bade of your back. This may sometimes spreading the upper back and shoulders in some cases.

Tips – Try avoid high heel shoes

Do not carry heavy weights.

Try walking or stretching while regular exercise

Bleeding gums

This is seen in some cases and hormonal changes may cause gums to become softer and therefore more prone to gum disease such as gingivitis and other dental problems.

Symptoms – Reddened swollen tender and bleeding gums while brushing teeth.

Tips – Practice good oral hygiene such as brush twice a day floss once a day etc.

And be gentle to your teeth while brushing.

Have your teeth examined regularly by dentists if possible.


Dizziness is the very common problem we see during pregnancy. When your brain is not getting enough blood and therefore enough oxygen due to hormonal changes.

Symptoms – Feeling giddy, especially when you suddenly get up from the bed or chair, prolonged standing and lying in the back.

Tips – Be slow with movements such as standing, after sitting or lying down.


During pregnancy the hormone Progesterone increases and this increased hormone slows down the digestive system and movement of the intestine.

Symptoms – Needing to strain while move your bowel.

Tips – Drink plenty of fluids especially water.

High fiber foods such as whole grain bread, vegetables, legumes, nuts , seeds etc.

Light exercises such as walking may help.

Frequent urination

This is due to the pressure of the growing belly on the bladder and water retention due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Tips – The condition may improve after pregnancy but if urine is accompanied with pain and blood then it time to check for doctor.

Leg Cramps

This is usually due to increased weight of the belly, as the weight of the baby putting strains in legs.

Symptoms – Muscle Spasm in the calves specially. Painful when lying down.

Tips – Try walking around in the heels using someone’s support for few minutes.

Try rotating your ankles both clockwise and anticlockwise accordingly.

Some gentle stretching exercise may help to aid circulation.

Nausea and vomiting

This is seen in first trimester of pregnancy mainly due to hormonal changes.

Symptoms – Feeling nausea and throwing up often

Tips – Eat small multiple meals.

Eat less fatty and sugary foods.

Eat nutritious and balanced food.

Dry snack works better.

Ginger is believed to help with morning sickness.

Avoid smelly food.

See doctor if necessary.

Stretch marks

This is due to rapid weight gain in pregnancy.

Symptoms – Appearance of red lines in fatty regions of the body such as tummy, thighs, breasts etc.

Tips – Keep skin moisturized and hydrated.

Apply oils and moisturizers in those regions with stretch marks regularly.

Swollen Feet or hands

This is mostly seen in those who are overweight. Mostly due to water retention. And seen towards the end of pregnancy.

Symptoms – Swelling in the ankles feet mostly this can also be seen in face wrist , fingers and toes.

Tips – Practice rotating exercises with your ankles and wrists for improving blood circulation.

Reduce salt intake.

Wearing flat shoes and gentle massages can help.

Vaginal discharge

This is also one of the side effects of hormonal changes in pregnancy which causes increased blood flow in vagina.

Symptoms – Clear or milky vaginal discharge which is usually odourless . If the discharge is accompanied with unpleasant smell and itching, it may be the signs of infection.

Tips – Maintain intimate hygiene.

Consult doctor for proper medication if needed.

Varicose veins

This is due to the extra pressure caused in the veins due to the rising weight of the baby.

Symptoms – Extended veins on back legs or thigh and may cause pain.

Tips – Get some gentle regular exercises such as walking and etc.

Avoid crossing feet and sleep with raised legs with help improve the condition.

So above were 11 common health problems during pregnancy.

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