20 Things People do not Understand


20 Things People do not Understand You Are Doing Because You Actually Have Self-Respect

  • Imagine self-respect as something that you master every single day of your life. It is like a never-ending craft that puts us into many challenges and questions about our real selves and our mental strategies.
  • The way how we deal with life lies in the basis of love towards ourselves, understanding, and then there is out respect for who we are, what we are capable of, and how strong we are. You will know when it’s time to take matters into your hands and change your life for the better.

These are the 20 things that people bug when it comes to a strong person, having them:

You Are On The Top Of Your Priority List

Everything starts with you. If you take care and love yourself, it is much easier to give to those you love.

You Stopped Accepting Meaningless Words and Apologies

Words have no actions if there is not an intention behind them, if you feel like they said something without meaning, it is easy for you to cross that person.

You Are No Longer the Mediator between People

If they have issues, they can solve them themselves. You don’t have any part of it, and it’s not your business.

You Block People from Stealing Your Energy

You should not feel guilty anymore to avoid certain people that steal your energy or have the strength to tell them it is enough.

You Cut All the Toxic Relationships

Something that holds you back does not give you much value. Letting go is the best option here.

You Are No Longer Justifying Your Actions on Others

Whatever happened to you and whatever you decide to do with your life, is only your doing and up to you. No one has the right to approve or disapprove of your choices,

You Are Answering When You Feel Like It

Whether it’s a text or a phone call, if you feel like you will rather much avoid people, you are free to do it. You put your own wellbeing before everyone else’s needs.

You Are Going Home When You Feel Like It, Or Stay Home When You Feel Like It

You no longer feel like you have to stay the whole night if you are not feeling like it, or feel guilty and disassociated if you choose to stay home. Listen to your heart.

You Embrace Change without Being Afraid

Changes in your life usually come in difficult situations, but change is always good for you. You accept the change, you appreciate it and you deeply understand the meaning of it.

You No Longer Feel the Need to Expose Your Intimacy on Social Media

Where people feel the need to let go of some of their thoughts and opinions and need to be heard by others and validated through likes and comments, you slowly start to view social media as what it truly is and you don’t want to do that anymore.

You Don’t Want To Hang Out With People You No Longer Vibe With

A strange energy or even draining one can have a negative effect on you, so you don’t want to be around those people anymore.

You Are Letting Go Of Your Bad Coping Mechanisms

Whether it might be drinking, smoking, or meaningless relationships, you decide to take life more steadily and tightly in your hands.

You Don’t Care What People Think Over Your Lifestyle or Appearance

You do not need to search for validation in the eyes of the majority, you are happy with what you have become and who you currently are. You no longer fish for compliments or stress over the nay-sayers.

You Can Easily Say NO

If you feel like you need to deny something, or state your opinion as no, you do it. It’s not that hard and now you know it and you feel it.

You Learned That No One Should Suffer Your Bad Behavior

When you feel like you are at your lowest, you catch yourself feeling the need to rain down on someone. Now it is time when you remind yourself that people do not deserve that attitude.

You No Longer Want To Convince People to Love You

Who loves you, awesome, who doesn’t, well, who cares? You know that you cannot and do not have to please everyone, and you certainly cannot change yourself to be liked by everyone.

You Fall in Love with the Thought That It’s Perfectly Fine to Be Disliked Too

Or let it state, not like, or neutral. Even disliked. You are your true self and you value that much more than anybody’s emotions over you.

You Start To Take Responsibility in Your Life

This is what adulthood will bring you. Being responsible means being able to live on your own and work on your own, and have money on your own without asking anyone for help. This is one type of freedom.

You Don’t Like To Play the Victim

You value yourself and you are feeling responsible for the things you do. These are the moments when you start catching yourself that you absolutely hate that certain need of people have to play the victims to get what they want.

You No Longer Prioritize People That You Are Only Option to Them in Your Life

It does not matter how close you feel to these people or how they claim that you are close to them, if they only call you just because they do not have anyone else to spend their time with them, hang up the phone. A person that loves your company and loves you will make time to see you and this is the person that you need to appreciate and validate.

Maybe, this is the person that should appreciate you and what you are. That is the meaning of a good friendship, filled with respect.

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