Grandkids Increase the Longevity of Their Grandparents


Grandkids Increase the Longevity of Their Grandparents

In the fast-paced world of today, the higher levels of stress and anxiety, directly and indirectly, affect the quality of our lives. It’s a no brainer that low life quality brings down the years of our lives.

So it is only logical that people of the modern age seek the answers to longevity, even more so than their predecessors. People always wanted to have long lives and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Of course the ones most affected by the passing years would be the ones most interested in increasing their life spans. We’re talking about elderly people. And one of the ways to achieve their goal isn’t something totally unexpected.

Babysitting grandparents

Taking your children to your parents to take care of them while you are at work or on a trip isn’t anything new. On the contrary, it is something most people do.

You go on with your work, the children are taken care of and the elderly get the always wanted attention. Everybody wins right? Well, it might be even a bigger win-win situation than you might think. Current research is being done on this kind of scenario as you will see in a bit.

Studies on the effects of grandchildren

  • One of the studies concerning this subject included 500 elderly people, at least 70 years old. The results showed that the grandparents that had to take care of their grandchildren, had reduced their chances of suffering from diseases as opposed to the other group that didn’t do the same.
  • Dr. Ronan Factora explains further that there is a certain connection between babysitting their nieces and nephews and lowering the levels of stress. In other words, when old people spend time with their grandkids, they are genuinely happier and healthier.
  • An Australian study showed that even the slightest and shortest time spent with little kids is beneficial for old folks, both for the mind and the body.

Other things matter as well

Simply spending time with small children isn’t enough for improving one’s health and prolonging one’s life. Things live mental and physical activities are essential.

Simple exercises and walking are great for you, as is reading and keeping your mind busy. Being more careful with your nutrition is also non-negotiable. Note should be taken with the amount of time spend babysitting grandkids.

It is great for you as we said previously, but it also can be overdone, and that isn’t right. As with most things, it too must be done in a balanced manner.

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