Has Keanu Reeves Kept a Cancer Foundation Secret?

Keanu Reeves

Has Keanu Reeves Kept a Cancer Foundation Secret?

many big names are coming from Hollywood. One of them is Keanu Reeves, the star of the Matrix trilogy and many other movies, big and small.

Yet his acting skill aren’t his only merit. Having some difficult times in his life, turned Keanu into a better person and the public has taken notice. Helping others became something like second nature to him, and he is praised for that more than anything else.

Kim’s leukemia

His tendency to help his fellow man started early in the ’90s, when at the time his sister Kim was suffering from leukemia. He assisted children’s hospitals with his fundings throughout the United States, all the while being by his sister’s side.

After struggling for years, she finally overcame the sickness at the turn of the century. Both of them shared their story, Kim talking about her brother’s constant support and Keanu about his sister’s remarkable bravery.

Having a private foundation

Several years after the events with his sister’s leukemia, Keanu Reeves opened up his very own foundation. Its job is to assist children’s hospitals and centers for cancer research.

He said that he doesn’t want to interfere in the foundation’s business and make a big deal about it. He simply leaves them to do what they are meant to do.

Helping others

Having to name all of his good deeds towards other people would be an impossible task, but a few are manageable. Talking about his generous nature, we shouldn’t exclude the moments of his acting career.

  • On the sets of the Matrix and Chain reaction, he did was he always does. He took care of his colleagues in the same way he did for anybody else. From buying lunch for everyone on the team of Chain reaction to giving thousands of dollars to other employees in tough spots, Keanu was just being himself.
  • Offering a very long ride to someone’s home wasn’t an issue. The team of the Matrix was rather surprised when the star of the movie bought motorcycles for every one of them.

And not just any motorcycle, but a Harley Davidson. Not only that but it is said that he took a smaller payment so more people could join the crew. Now that is something.

Being an everyday man

Famous and especially rich people, tend to act as if they are better than anyone else. Thinking of themselves as some kind of supermen. Keanu Reeves is the total opposite of this trend.

He spends his time among common people, using public transport, not dressing to impress, and sometimes even walking barefoot. He is no stranger to waiting in line like everybody else and socializing with people on the street or playing with their dogs in the park.

All of these things he does make him shine in the eyes of not only the audience and fans of his movies but to everyone. It is people like him that restore our faith in humanity.

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