Having a Sister Makes You Happier

Having a Sister

Having a Sister Makes You Happier

Having a sibling in the past was the norm. In this day and age, people with no siblings, although a minority, are growing in number. Many people choose to have one and sometimes no children.

Most people know what’s it like to share a living space with an older or younger brother or sister. Sure there are endless fights and all of that, but there is more to it than that. There are positive sides to the whole having a sibling thing.

Developing control over one’s actions

  • The are many studies done on the effects of having a brother or sister. One of those studies is the one of professor Laura Padilla-Walker. It involved nearly 400 families with at least one child being between the ages of ten and fourteen.
  • Her findings showed that children that had a sister experienced a more pleasant life. Although they were fighting as all siblings do, they started to develop greater control over their actions.
  • In a way they became more emotionally intelligent. Parents have a say in a child’s growth and development, but they can never act as a substitute for a sibling because they play a different role in a young person’s life.

Having someone to listen

It may sound a bit stereotypical, but sisters tend to be better listeners and thus help you cope or overcome some issues you might have.

Problems like depression, stress, loneliness, even emotional troubles, are easier to deal with if you have a sister by your side. They can even help you with things like alcohol and eating problems.

Improving communication skills

All those fights with your sister may end up helping you. They can serve in improving your problem-solving and communication skills. Of course, this can only happen if the arguments between you two are in normal bounds.

The ability to adapt to every kind of situation is important not only for youngsters but for everyone. Funnily enough, the bickering fights may prove their worth in the long run.

It’s not all about sisters

After reading this, you might get the picture as if sisters are the better option. But still, brothers, whether older or younger, help you develop and grow in their own way.

Although they might counsel you or hear you out, typically their role is to toughen you up and to have someone watch over your back, especially with an older brother. All in all, having a sibling is a blessing and despite their flaws, you should cherish them for helping you grow.

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