Her Feet Did not Hurt Anymore

Did not Hurt Anymore

When she Went to a Chiropractor Something Amazing Happened – her Feet Did not Hurt Anymore

Imagine what happens when you squeeze your feet in a pair of tight shoes, after making yourself run like crazy, doing your usual work for the entire day. Their job can only get tougher. It is often the case that something like this can only contribute to a lot of painful conditions, including plantar fasciitis, a chronic swelling found on the tendons at the bottom of the foot.

Usually athletes are the ones suffering from issues such as this one because they put an extreme strain on their feet when they are running or jumping. Some other people who are considered a high-risk group are basketball players, tennis players, soccer players, and of course, dancers.

Feet Did not Hurt Anymore

However, for the irony to get even bigger, the people who suffer from this issue are not mostly athletes, but they are overweight people and people who are physically inactive. Also, this condition, as well as a lot of others of a similar kind, can be triggered by wearing high heels.

When the condition appears, it is accompanied by sharp pain and that can only occur when the foot is under a lot of strain. After a few weeks or months, the pain can become even more frequent and will happen even if the foot is in a resting position.

Because of this, the person who suffers from this condition can feel extremely uncomfortable. Do not forget, if you happen to notice or experience some pain in your heel when you step on it in the morning, then you too are probably suffering from this issue.

Thankfully, this condition is treated and there are ways to get rid of the pain. This is a condition that can be treated in many ways, including some adjustments to your training routine, stretching exercises, medications, and of course, special shoe insoles.

Now, in the innovation of the orthopedist and chiropractor Dr. DeFabio, we can find something new. He has developed a new type of treatment which according to his claims, can heal this condition very quickly and easily.

This is a simple procedure that involves reducing the swelling and nurturing as well as strengthening the calf muscles. As this doctor suggests, for this treatment, you should use a massage roller stick.

The massage roll sticks are quite common and very easy to find on the market, the store, they are relatively cheap and allow the patient to perform this procedure in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. DeFabio, in this practice, used the Gratson Technique, which involves a steel instrument in order to break down the scar tissue, lengthen it, and create the necessary elasticity and of course, to draw some blood into the area. The doctor also uses a lubricant to cover the area so that the instrument can comfortably glide over and across the skin.

Next step – the doctor is reducing the pressure over the tendons. He recommends using a special type known as the Kinesio Tape, and it is a large tape that needs to be wrapped around the heel and needs to reaches the toes.

  • Then, to make even more pressure, apply a smaller piece of tape to the big piece of tape. Leave the tape on for about three to five days, and then remove it. You will be surprised to see that the pain will disappear once you have removed the tape.
  • Even though there is a big possibility that you’ve already seen your doctor concerning this issue, you have probably never heard about this method. In that case, we highly recommend that you inform yourself a bit more about this particular method and see whether it is the right one for you.
  • This is a treatment that might provide you with a quick and painless cure, instead of expensive surgery.

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