How does Bad News Affect Health?

How does Bad News Affect Health?

How does Bad News Affect Health?

In our daily life, we come across much Bad news and It is proved by studies that this Bad News affects Health adversely. While looking at the newspaper carefully you will find that the Front page of the newspaper is always filled up with news like the Death of a veteran leader, the Incidence of forest fire, News of Murder, etc. rather than containing Good news like New invention in the field of Science, Any Amendment and in Law in favor of citizens, etc.

Why it is so? Why does the newspaper always target the Bad news on the front page while knowing that Bad News affects Health adversely? and How does Bad News affect Health? Is mental health good or bad? The answer is simple and logical Good news doesn’t sell newspapers and get the attention of readers. While Bad news fulfills the purpose.

Why Do We Read Bad News?

We have something in us like “Negativity bias” which means we are always inclined towards Bad news than Good ones. Human beings have a trait of Survival in which it is always needed to be aware of the danger and stay alive. So, knowing about dangers existing around us is always on the top of our priority list.

For this reason, We read more negative or bad news instead of Good News even though knowing the fact that Bad News affects Health.

Thus, News providers take advantage of this trait of human beings to improve sales of their newspapers. They use the strategy of putting Bad news on the front page.

How Does Bad News Affect Health?

Sadly, bad news has a negative impact on our bodies. Reading bad news causes the brain’s hypothalamus to release Adrenaline which further increases cortisol, it flows through blood vessels and weakens the immune system, and halts growth hormones.

  • In this way, Bad news affects health negatively and damages our immune system up to great extent. And we are not aware of these bad mental health effects.
  • The second impact which affects our body is it Stressing out our body and weaken our body to fight off infections which subsequently causes Digestive and Growth issues.

It is also found in studies, People having an addiction to news mostly suffer from Stress. And a great proportion of these people is Adults.

Can Bad Mental Health Cause Bad Physical Health?

Of cause, bad mental health affects our body too. Continous suffering for bad mental health results in bad physical health. For example: If your mental health is not good and you are continuously ignoring it unknowingly slowly you will start ignoring a healthy diet along with a good healthy routine which further acts as fuel to the fire and you starts losing your appetite and eventually lack nutrients in your body start creating bad side effects.

Simply. if you don’t know what’s bad for your mental health then you have to compromise with your health too along with the bad mental health.


The habit of reading bad news is an infinite vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. We should always keep its disadvantages into consideration while feeding our brain with more and more Negative news. And people with bad mental health affect their physical health too.

It is our duty to prevent ourselves from being a slave of bad news addiction and keep ourselves safe from Bad News effects on Health.

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