How to manage obesity Healthy eating


How to manage obesity? Healthy eating


Obesity is the term we very often hear now day. With the increased self-consciousness, everybody wants a slim body and more than a slim body people want a fit body here comes the question How to manage obesity?. As we know that healthy eating is a major factor that matters when it comes to fitness. Because everywhere we turn, there are fast food joints. Our work place don’t support healthy eating as most offices has vending machines stock that sell junk food. Besides our daily lifestyle and busy schedule do not always support healthy eating. As a result managing obesity becomes difficult we end up eating more calories than we can burn so we gain weight.

There is so much going on around such as birthdays, holidays, work parties and many more which causes adapting healthy eating habits becomes kind of huge challenge. Therefore maintaining a healthier weight takes commitment.

So here are some tips to keep your obesity at check

Develop healthy eating habits

Here are some few quick tips to get you started with healthy eating.

Avoid the danger zones:

Some of the most common danger zones that destroys are diet plans are:

Eating while watching TV.

If you eat while focusing in your meal then you will eat limited but in contrast when you are eating while watching TV you are likely to eat more.


Avoid the strong temptations of keep re-filling your plate. For that reason you should avoid those temptations as much as possible.

Unplanned choices

Plan your meals ahead so that you can choose healthier options such as Salad instead of Chips etc.

Temptation of Fried food

Fried food are terrible for both your heart and mind so pack healthy snack for your day.

Be Aware

When you are craving think – What is the exact reason are you really hungry or just bored/tired/stressed/sad or irritated?


Researcher proves that people who do not get proper sleep are seen to consume more than 500 extra calories so it is very important to get a proper sleep for a fit body.

Work it out

No need of much intense workout just simple regular work is enough.

Regular cardio

You can go for regular jogging cycling, swimming and many more. Regular cardio can burn maximum amount of calories and as a result can make your heart healthier.

Moderate exercise

This burns few calories but still can be proved helpful in increasing your oxygen intake and maintaining blood flow. It may consist of very simple exercises you can find in platforms like YouTube or yoga.


Obesity 2

Shop Healthy on budget

It is much easier said than done. When you are trying to manage groceries in a limited budget it can get difficult to go for higher price healthy food.

So here some tips for smart shopping

1. Create a weekly menu

It helps you plan ahead you meal and prevent impulse shopping so have a weekly plan.

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it

Make a healthy shopping list and include as much healthy food you can in your budget. Do not get tempted by the unhealthy food you see in the mall because unhealthy food will led to nothing else other than obesity.

3. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fruits and vegetables costs less and also contains required nutrients.

4. Buy in bulk to minimize shopping trips and cut cost

When you shop for the entire month altogether you can look for discount and even save in shopping trips.

5. Be a saver of freeze left overs in single serving containers

Do not waste left overs, try to utilize it as soon as possible or even try to cook in measured amount so that nothing gets left off.

Boost metabolism with healthy eating habits

The process by with the body turn the calories in to energy is know as the process of metabolism. Thus a healthy metabolism can keep the weight maintained.

Ways to boost metabolism are

Eat breakfast everyday

Skipping breakfast is never a good idea because it slows down your metabolism and when your metabolism is slow no matter how much less you eat it won’t make you fit. So have breakfast daily.

Have five or six smaller meals throughout the day

Smaller meals helps keep the metabolism in pace. As a result desired amount calories can be regulated.

Food rich in vitamin B and C will help

Fruits such as citrus, green peppers, strawberries, berries, beans, potatoes, yogurt and etc.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day

This may also include 1-2 cup of green tea which help boost metabolism and energy. and also our body is 70% water so it is very important to have desired amount of water a day.

Focus on power food

Power food are those that are known to play an important role in fighting heart disease minimizing certain cancer risking and etc.

  • Grains – Barley, Wheat gram, Flax seed, Oatmeal, Brown rice and etc.
  • Fruits – Apples, Banana, berries, citrus , kiwi, apricots, papaya.
  • Vegetables – Sweet potatoes, bell pepper, carrot, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce etc.
  • Dairy – Milk and cottage cheese.


Stress eating habit

Zap that stress eating habit. It is really easy total for temptation of eating unhealthy when the times are tough

Here are some tips to avoid stress eating

Identify your triggers

Identify you mood correctly are you sad or stressed or frustrated. Getting real about the things that trigger your mood towards salty, sweet, or any other unhealthy high-calorie food is the first step of beating stress eating habit.

Maintain a food journal

keep this journal to track the times when you crave unhealthy food and also note down how are you feeling at that moment along with what you are craving for. And next time when you sit to note something else check the previous records . This will help you identify your craving pattern and keep your excess eating at check.


whenever you are stressed about anything instead of heading for that ice-cream bar in your freezer pull on your sneakers and head out for a run. Take your frustration out in that run or you can also keep punching bags at home.


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