How to Recognize Real From Fake Rice

Fake Rice

The black market these days will do anything for profit. They will produce even fake foods just to achieve their profit goals. The latest worry for the food market is fake rice.

Fake rice is being produced on a massive scale and for some reason, it finds its way onto supermarket shelves. Someone may find it hard to believe that the cheapest food in the world is being imitated, but it is happening on a large scale in Asia, and China in particular.

Fake Rice

This fake rice first was found in China, and also in Vietnam, India and it has been found in many countries in Europe. In some of these countries, rice is the main ingredient in people’s diets. It hasn’t been identified in the USA yet.

This fake rice is almost undetectable from normal rice, and it has been mixed up in everyday branded rice. The face rice can cause some health issues like stomach complaints and people believe that it can cause serious digestive problems.

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  • This rice is made from dangerous unregulated ingredients such as chemicals, synthetics, and even potato off-cuts. This rice can be found in poor areas where this ingredient is a staple of people’s diet and couldn’t be avoided.
  • If you want to avoid this fake rice you will need to know how to recognize it. You can recognize the fake rice by its faint plastic smell, and that this rice doesn’t change its shape after being boiled.
  • The fake rice doesn’t become soft like the normal one. If you notice some of these things stop using that product immediately. We believe that with this article you will learn something new, and if you did, don’t forget to share it with others so they can also enjoy this free information.

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