How to Reduce High Fever in Babies

How to Reduce High Fever in Babies

How to Reduce High Fever in Babies

An informative article about what to do in babies with high fever and flu complaints, and high fever complaints, which have recently been epidemic in our country.

High fever is actually an action the body takes to protect itself against infections. In short, if the body temperature rises above normal values, it is a high fever state. However, it is necessary to regulate and regulate high fever, especially in infants, including adults, or it may cause permanent damage to the body. C and above is a high fire value. As the answer to the question of when fever is dangerous in babies, one of the most important points in babies with high fever is to go to the doctor without wasting any time in babies under 3 months. For children over three months, our limit is 3 days, if it does not pass within 3 days, a doctor should definitely be visited. Antibiotics, which are used without the advice of a doctor, do not use antibiotics without a doctor’s recommendation.

What To Do In Case Of High Fever:

  • If you have a child above 38.5 ° C, your thick clothes should be removed, you can have light pajamas, and your bodysuit should stay that way. See, Baby Girl Hospital Outlet, Newborn Bodysuit Sets, Baby Girl Baby Pajamas Sets.
  • Take a generous amount of fluid: drink plenty of water or take a fruit supplement.
  • Of course, the environment should be at room temperature 21-22°C.
  • You can take a warm shower in the range of 29-32°C.

Things to Avoid:

When you see your feverish child shaking, do not cover it. – Avoid wearing thick clothes and, as the most common mistake, showering with cold water. – Do not take medication at frequent intervals because it may cause poisoning.

Some Causes of High Fever:

Infections in babies are one of the main reasons that cause a high fever. Flu, Measles, sinusitis, pneumonia, meningitis, etc. – Some vaccines in infancy – Trauma and teething can sometimes cause high fever – Diarrhea and vomiting – Some drugs such as antibiotics – Head trauma.

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