Infertility’s men, should check the trace elements

Infertility’s men,should check the trace elements

Infertility’s men, should check the trace elements

Nanzaibuyu, is currently a hot topic. Nanzaibuyu due to many causes, according to the nature of infertility in general can be divided into two categories: one is called absolute sterility, and the other is relatively sterile. The former is less than 10% of the total number of infertility, which is also known as low fertility, infertility accounted for 90% of the total. Cycle according to the length of infertility couples, but also those with low fertility were divided into the following categories:

  1. Normal sex life couples, living together for more than 6 months can not make the woman pregnant, the general state of low fertility.
  2. Normal sex life couples, living together for more than two years can not make the woman pregnant, a medium range of low fertility.
  3. Couples living together for more than five years and not making the woman pregnant, compared with the low fertility are serious.

Experts say: the low fertility of these persons, most patients are able to cure. Over the last decade, studies have found that part of the low fertility and infertility in patients with a lack of trace elements or changes.

Now know, and fertility-related trace elements are zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, and magnesium. They are not only involved in maintaining the stability of sperm living environment, but are also involved in the composition of sperm, and sperm maturation, capacitation, and acrosome reaction are closely related. In particular, these trace elements in the absence of zinc are the most common, there are data reports: zinc and semen quality and sperm density were positively correlated; zinc deficiency can affect sperm metabolism and sperm motility, and affect gonadal development; when zinc deficiency, the pituitary gland functions are affected, reduced gonadotropin secretion, allows gonadal dysgenesis gonadal endocrine function or to place obstacles; In addition, zinc is also involved in a variety of enzymes in the body composed of more than 100 kinds of enzymes in vivo secondary base, zinc deficiency may directly affect the activity of these enzymes, such as liquid secreted by the prostate gland factor reduces, resulting in semen liquefaction adverse affect fertilization.

Of course, even if zinc and birth-related, patients need to supplement and complement numbers, and must be careful because zinc is a trace element, is not the lack of a normal person, and only when the metabolic disorder, or will the lack of absorption of obstacles, if added improperly can cause high zinc poisoning. Therefore, under the guidance of a doctor should be zinc supplementation.

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