Never Ignore These Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols

People for centuries have given meaning to their dreams. Even the famous psychotherapist from the nineteenth century Carl Jung opened the door on the subject of dreams, claiming that they are a portal to the subconsciousness.

But, the science focuses on what happens during our sleep. A group of Japanese scientists make some research and concluded that we see our dreams in the same way as we perceive the outside world when we are awake.

Dream Symbols

For us to analyze a dream, first we have to ask ourselves – what do we dream the most? Is it a repeated dream, do we often dream of things that have already happened to us? And finally, what do certain symbols mean?

Here is a List of Several Symbols and Their Meanings

  • Flying – do you have ambitions and need to be free to pursue them? Flying means just that. If you have trouble navigating through life it is likely for you to dream of this more often.
  • Waterfalls – this means a pure should and a clean heart. But, in this case, you should also take a peek at the surroundings. Is it in a dark jungle, are the waterfalls big or small? This may also mean that you perceive your obstacles in a certain way.
  • Teeth – dreaming of teeth is quite often. They are usually rotten or falling out. In this case, you need to ask yourself does change do you good? Have you been through one lately? Maybe a new job, a new home? Dreaming of teeth and their condition means how you take care of yourself and how much stress is there in your life.
  • Death – dreaming of death may mean the end of something – a situation, an idea, a departure from a loved one. This means that you’ve realized what must vanish from your life. All you have to know is what that is.
  • Pregnant – this means major growth and development in the near future. Just realize whether it is going to be something connected to your work or your personal relationship.
  • Houses – dreaming of a house can have different meanings – how you perceive your body, or how you look at the outside world. The attic symbolizes memories that are hidden, the basement is the door to the unconsciousness. Every angle of the house has its own meaning.
  • Money – when dreaming of money, we actually think of our self-worth. Giving money can symbolize a fear of losing it and gaining money can mean s lifestyle change. Financial gain or loss is always a stressful part of our lives, so ask yourself, what happened to you lately connected with your finances and you will find the answer to the dream.
  • Adultery – the need of expression of the desires and urges. It may mean that you are constantly thinking of a faulty relationship or live with the fear of being cheated on.
  • Fire – depending on the context, it has various meanings. A distant fire means transformation, but playing with fire means stepping out of any risky activities. Starting a fire means being angry.
  • Naked – this is also a very common dream. It is usually connected to fear of being exposed or ridiculed. Nakedness is all about showing imperfections and flaws, so dreaming of it may mean exposing a situation or an illicit affair.

Dreams can be interpreted and analyzed in million ways, but the bottom line is, only the dreamer can truly understand their meaning.

The body, mind, and spirit are all connected and they help a person shape their own world and their dreams. The mind dictates how our emotions are played during our sleep.

The only thing that is up to us is to be aware of how we are during the waking hours.

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