The Urine Color Tells About your Health

Urine Color

The smell, color and consistency can tell about our way of life, it can tell what we have been eaten, but also it can tell about some disease we might have. Urine is 95% water and the other 5% are urea, sodium, chloride, creatinine, potassium etc.

It also contains inorganic and organic substances. The most common color of urine is yellow, this color is because of the existence of urobilin.

Urine Color

Urobilin is a product created from the breakdown of the red blood cells.

Note: Our body makes 2 million new red blood cell every day and recycles the old ones.

In this article we will show you what does the color of the urine mean


Looks like water. When our urine has a transparent color it means that we are over-hydrated.

Over – hydration can water down electrolytes that can lead to chemical imbalance in the blood.

Light yellow

This means that you’re well hydrated. The urine color like Pale straw color.


In this state of color of urine (unclean martini), we might have a bladder infection. The cloudiness originates from tissues, proteins and mucus that are breaking down.

Medium yellow

This means that you are dehydrated. Drink some water in your urine looks like Lemonade.

Dark yellow

This color of urine can be in we are heavy on Vitamin B. Drink something if your urine appears like Apple juice.


It this state you truly need water. Orange- hued urine color can indicate presence of bilirubin.

This can be due to a gallstone obstructing the bile duct or liver disease. Some medications for urinary tract infection can also give your pee an orange color.


  • Appears like: White Zinfandel
  • This color of urine can come if we have eaten beets the previous night. But also a drop of blood in the urine can turn it pink.
  • Visit an urologist when you have pink urine so he can check for infections or indications of bladder cancer.

Darker pink

This can mean that there is more than a little blood in our urine. This can indicate bladder infection or cancer.

Blood in the urine can be also triggered by kidney stones or bladder stones. See a doctor when your urine looks like Cabernet.

Dark pink

Looks like: Red wine

This means that the blood in the urine is old. Whatever is causing the bleeding is actually present for a while.

Urgently see a doctor for examinations if you have a dark pink urine color.


This color of urine can appear if we use drugs such as anti-malarial chloroquine and antibiotic like metronidazole. In this state our urine looks like Coke.

This condition can appear if we have some liver and kidney disorders. Absolutely see a physician if you have this condition, to do some myoglobin urine test.

Too much myoglobin in the blood can overwhelm the kidneys and cause kidney failure.


If you pee in carnival colors this means that you have be eating foods tinted with synthetic dyes. This also can be a negative effect of medications like Uribel, which is used to treat UTIs.

The color effect can came thanks to the methylene blue. Keep taking the pills with great deals of water.

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